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Enaqua Replacement Lamps (Microchip)

Enaqua Replacement Lamps (Microchip)


Direct replacement  Enaqua compatible UV lamps.

12,000 hour warranty (prorated after 8,000 hours)



6 pin

Base face to opposite pin length:  1561mm

Base face to base face length:        1554mm

Diameter:                                                  15mm



Electrical Data:

Lamp Wattage:  140-155 Watts

Lamp Current:    0.7-0.9 Amps

Lamp Voltage:    200 Volts


Physical Data:

UV output:                   254nm(100hr)  55 Watts

Intensity @ 1m:         420-450 uW/cm2

Rated average life:  12,000 hours



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