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QL-UV4000-24 Replacement UV Lamp

QL-UV4000-24 Replacement UV Lamp


UV Lamp replacement for the UV4000 System using the 24" lamps.

Direct Replacement

SKU: QL-UV4000-24
  • Specs

    Mercury Medium Pressure Lamp Physical Specifications
    Bulb Total Length - 12.3" NOM

    Bulb Tube Diameter - 23mm

    Arc Length - 9.7" NOM

    Electrical Specifications

    Lamp Voltage*: 400V

    Lamp Wattage*: 3200W

    Operating Current*: 8A

  • Warranty

    • Lamp failure up to 3,000 hours, Quartz Lamps Inc. will replace the lamp free of charge.
    • Lamp failure from 3,000 hours to 5,000 hours, Quartz Lamps Inc. will apply a discount towards the purchase of a new lamp.

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