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UV3000 Plus Replacement Lamp: Step Base

UV3000 Plus Replacement Lamp: Step Base



Direct replacement for the 302509 or 794447-OSM




SKU: QL-708002
  • Lamp Specs

    Connection:  4 pin step base

    Length:  1575mm

    Bulb Diameter:  19mm

    Radiating Length:  1473mm

    Lamp Wattage:  260w

    Lamp Current:  2100mA

    Lamp Voltage:  125v

    UV Output at 254nm:  100w

    Irradiance at 1m Distance:  760uV/cm2 

    Rated Average Life:  12,000 Hours

    Expected Intensity Decrease at End of Useful Life:  15%

  • Warranty

    12,000 rated effective life (about 14 months) --- prorated after 9,000 hours

    Lamp failure up to 9000 hours = free replacement lamp


    Allow 10 business day depending on quanity ordered and instock numbers

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